Thursday, February 13, 2014

Site Plan

Spring Garden St. & S. Aycock St. - Tate St. & W. Lee

          For class, we were to create an existing site plan of the potential areas where we could choose for our site to be. We were to include a north arrow, major roadways, pedestrian walking paths, fences, buildings, parking lots, the underpass, the railroad tracks, and existing landscaping. Creating this site plan, really helped me to study the locations of everything surrounding the possible sites. It also helps me to know the relative size and proportions of all of the buildings and helped me to memorize where everything is in relation to other areas. We were to create one 8.5" x 11" site plan, and also one that was 18" x 24". This was my first time really creating an existing site plan, and I found it quite fun and relaxing because it was just a matter of transferring information.

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