Thursday, February 13, 2014

Greensboro History Research

Greensboro Historical Museum Visit

          Ashley and I visited the Greensboro Historical Museum to learn more about the history or Greensboro for our presentation. They had a timeline of important events that have happened in Greensboro, which we picked and chose from to include a few in our timeline. They also have signs up giving more information about some important events in Greensboro's history, like Vick's Vapor Rub and the first train. The museum also had a projector set up of all of the different neighborhoods in Greensboro, and when you click on one, it gives you information about the neighborhood and the houses there. This wasn't the first time that Ashley and I have been to the Greensboro Historical Museum. We keep finding that the information and presentations that they have on display are helpful and are very useful. It is also a great place just to for fun, which I plan on doing again in the near future.

Pictures of Early Greensboro
Neighborhoods in Greensboro
Glenwood neighborhood

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