Thursday, February 13, 2014

Site Plan Studies

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

          During studio, we got the chance to take our site plans and draw over them with trash paper to try out different areas as our site and to see how the space allocation would be in connection with everything else. I tried to plan out almost every possible site location and see how convenient it was to the underpass, which I think is important to utilize and how close it is to the police station for safety. Through my studies, I found that it would probably be better to have the train station on the south side of the tracks because then you wouldn't have to worry about building a costly bridge over the train tracks or to have the platform on one side of the tracks and the station on the other. Although I am still open to looking more deeply into other possible sites, I believe that the most convenient would be to take over the building with the battery store because of its closeness to the police station and underpass, its possibilities of parking, and its location to the tracks.

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