Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gaylon Train Depot Visit

Friday, January 31, 2014

          Our class met at the Greensboro Galyon Transportation Center to have a tour around the train station, bus depot, and the Greyhound depot. While we were walking around the spaces, we were shown some areas that are restricted to general people in order to see how the building is connected and how they make things happen behind the scenes. We were also given plenty of factors to think of when designing our own train stations, and one of the ones that stood out to me most, was that this building is going to be around for 40 years or more, so the design will have to be timeless. The walk through the bus depot was very familiar to me because I used to ride the bus everywhere for a years, and would visit there daily, but I also learned more about the history and why they made some of the design decisions that they did. Walking though the Greyhound depot brought back some very fond memories of the first time my fiance and I met in that exact location. It was definitely a fun and learning experience getting to hear about all of the "accidents" that happened through the construction of the space and how they came to a good decision on how to fix it.

Train Station Main Hall

Train Station main waiting area

Train Station vestibule ceiling

Greensboro map on floor

Spiral staircase leading up to mechanical

Old train announcement board

Train Station floor plan

Old segregated are of Train Station

Greensboro Lincoln Financial Group buidling

Stairs and Escalator up to train platform

Lamp posts

Train tracks

Train platform overhang

Luggage trolleys

Heating and Cooling

Bus Depot

Exterior bus depot overhang

Greyhound depot

Train station floor plan

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