Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Video Response: Parks and Recreations

The Camel

          I think this episode of Parks and Recreation is a perfect example of almost all group projects. While trying to come up with an idea for a mural in their building, Leslie encourages everyone to come up with their own ideas, which led to a disaster. Almost everyone came up with bad or disturbing ideas, and when Jerry actually came up with a good idea, no one respected him for it or cared about it. They put the murals to a vote, and everyone voted for their own idea because no one could see the potential in anyone else's idea and thought theirs was the best. When they decided to combine the all of the ideas it was an even worse idea that didn't make any sense. Leslie decided that winning the competition was more important than having everyone's idea represented, so they went with a "safe" idea of an old man feeding birds in a park, which Mark came up with. In the end, Leslie found out that having fun with the mural and your friends was more important than winning the competition. 
          In real life, there normally is the same types of people when it comes to groups. Almost everybody will think that their idea is the best and won't be open to other people's idea and most definitely will not consider the idea of someone they don't respect or make fun of. I did like the idea of letting the users try to decide what the mural would be because they would be the ones having to see it everyday, which is what I think we should do with the Glenwood mural.

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