Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Glenwood Mural Charrette

          Becca and I were in a group for the charrette on Friday. She had been there all morning and afternoon working with the other people in our group on some designs. They each spent almost the entire morning creating their own designs which were very colorful, geometric, and some were very strange. We started talking about what we both think should be our proposal for the mural. I brought in my picture of my good public art precedent and we both liked the idea. Once we talked about the trolleys that were a large part of the Glenwood community, we decided to go with something different. We were going to have two pictures in one. It would be a 3D piece of art in which on one side, you would see a picture of the old Glenwood trolley, and how Glenwood is today. Because it was only us two people, it was difficult to quickly make a representation of what our proposal was in an hour and half. We couldn't find any nice photos online of Glenwood's trolley then and now, so we were going to use a picture of the old A&P grocery store on Asheboro Street in the early 1930s on one side and the same location where it was today, the Down & Out Performance. 

Idea Precedent

A&P, Asheboro Street, early 1930s

Former A&P site, 901 West Lee Street

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