Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reading Response 4

Mural at Mirfield Railway Station

           Graffiti normally has a bad connotation, but that was until a group of graffiti artists got together to design and paint a mural in the United Kingdom. Most everybody is in agreement that this mural was a great way to brighten up a dark place in their city, and allowed young teenagers to express themselves through art. Because Matthew Evans is a local citizen of Mirfield, the design better represents the community. I believe that we could tie this into the Glenwood mural and have some citizens explain to us what they would like in their community that would best represent them. The mural in Mirfield is of a beautiful landscape that is sunny and cheerful that reflects places around them. I think this might be a good approach to the Glenwood mural because they might need something pleasant and sunny to look at in their neighborhood.

Young people unveil mural at Mirfield Railway Station - Huddersfield Examiner. (n.d.). Retrieved January 30, 2014, from

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